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Lucky John

[email protected] Home. Products.  Brand Lucky John started as a hobby. It brought together a group of people with similar interests – and the hobby turned into a business. In , Mr. Janis Stikuts – a multiple champion of Latvia and the Baltic States in different types of fishing sports – along with other fishing enthusiasts, decided, that every fisherman should be able to use high quality spinners, crankbaits and other spinning lures, which were a real rarity at that time. Великий отбор товаров производителя Lucky John (Лаки Джон), отображение равным образом цены, отзывы рыбаков, советы профессионалов. Подкатка соответственно всей России.  Однако сайты. Портал Гостиный двор Опт SL Rods SL Boats Джиг-пари Expert Fishing Volgafishing. Москва Забраться.
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